An engine for creating role-playing games using Twine's SugarCube language. Features a complex battle system that can be modified and integrated into your Twine stories. If you are interested in adding graphics or other assets, I have compiled a collection of free assets that may be useful.

When I first set out to make an RPG in Twine, I felt completely lost. I kept being told that many people wanted to and had succeeded at making RPGs before, but I could find almost no examples, and nothing that even came close to the complexity of other game-making programs like RPG Maker.

I want to change that. I made an extremely complex engine that can do pretty much anything RPG Maker can do, and I've made it completely open-source so everyone can see how it works and use it in their own games.

If you're an RPG designer, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at this, give me feedback, and pool our resources. I want to make this as accessible and powerful as possible so no one has to reinvent the wheel anymore.

Download the .rar file for the source code. The game file uploaded here is an interactive help and documentation file, complete with an example battle.


Fire by hash from the Noun Project
Hourglass by Angela Fagg from the Noun Project
History by Rockicon from the Noun Project
Small Circle by Melvin Salas from the Noun Project
Circle by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project
blood drop by TkBt from Noun Project
Info by NAS from Noun Project


rpgengine source.rar 4 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the .rar file to obtain the engine code. It is not intended to be used with the default Twine program, and should be used with a compiler such as Tweego. See the installation help file for detailed instructions.

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