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Another RPG Engine

Engine for creating RPGs in Twine 2 and SugarCube. · By AnotherRPGEnthusiast


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Version 1.08.1: Duplicate Equipment Slots
Sneaking in another update! It is now possible to equip multiple items of the same type. Puppets now have 2 Accessory slots, and you can test this functionality...
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Version 1.08: Stat overhaul
Version 1.08 Actions and effects have now been converted to Flyweight format. This leads to a few changes in how certain attributes are defined; see documentati...
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Version 1.07: Menu Rehaul!
Version 1.07 The party menu has been rehauled to include the full functionality expected of a typical RPG! Added a status screen that shows the party's HP, MP...
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Version 1.06.4
Version 1.06.4 custom end of action effects is now called at the end of enemy actions, not just player actions. This allows you to have events related to enemy...
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Version 1.06.3
Version 1.06.3 Fixed the party selection glitch. You can no longer add an extra puppet to the active party by double-clicking on an active puppet. Changed the p...
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Version 1.06.2
Version 1.06.2 New circumstantial modifiers for enemies: hidden: If you flag this attribute, the enemy won't get a stat block generated in actorlist , making it...
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Version 1.06.1: More hotkeys!
Version 1.06.1 Removed Chapel's cycles system due to its potential to cause a fatal error. Added hotkey support for all-targeting abilities. Added a hotkey for...
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Version 1.06: Hotkeys!
Version 1.06 Hotkeys are in! Use the number keys to select characters, the Q key to confirm, and the E key to cancel. The story title area now displays white te...
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