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Another RPG Engine

Engine for creating RPGs in Twine 2 and SugarCube. · By AnotherRPGEnthusiast


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Version 1.11.1
Enemy attack order can now be customized. Instead of enemies always acting in index order, you can give them a priority property to determine who acts in what o...
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Version 1.11
Redid the getter functions for Boolean attributes of actions. They are now more robust, and will correctly return false or null if you set the override property...
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Version 1.10.4
So apparently, all this time I forgot to make enemy protectors actually protect people. This has now been corrected...
1 file
Version 1.10.3
Merry Christmas! I have a few bugfixes for you. Status effects will no longer use an incorrect plural for their remaining duration if the duration is only 1 tur...
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Version 1.10.2
Fixed a bug in the command functionality from the 1.09 update. Command buttons should no longer link you to the wrong characters' actions. It is now once again...
1 file
Version 1.10.1
Modified addeffect for better readability and versatility. It will now bypass the power calculation branches if you do not use the Special stat in your game, pr...
1 file
Version 1.10
HP regeneration and elemental affinities now have support for both flat and percent-based attributes. Status screens have been updated to display both types, bu...
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Version 1.09.1
addEffect now works when passed an effect name, not just an Effect object. You can use it just like the Effect constructor: name first, then duration, then powe...
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