Version 3.03

  • The battle grid has been redone. Positioning is now determined by manually-set row and col values rather than the index of the character. This means you don't have to fill parties with null entries anymore!
    • Code for displaying characters in the battle grid is now stored in a separate file, Battle, to keep the main code uncluttered.
    • Additionally, the broken "move" command has been fixed.
    • Empty tiles are now styled with dotted borders rather than solid ones to make them less obtrusive.
  • The noself check for ally-targeting abilities now checks the target's id rather than its name. This will prevent glitches in the case of a party having multiple characters with the same name.
  • New Action property: canTargetDead. If true, the action can target dead characters. This is useful for revival skills and the like.
    • The "Actor Box" widget has been slightly tweaked to enable this function. "Actor Box Name" is now used for the display of dead character names as well, and has a priority branch that will bypass all others if the character is dead and the battle phase is not in targeting.
  • The "last action" functionality should work again.
  • New Effect property: guardBreak. Effects with this property will prevent the victim from guarding characters (if you are using a battle map). There is a corresponding getter in Actor, which will also return true if the character is dead.
  • During the targeting phase, hovering over a viable target will now highlight them and any targets affected by the action's area of effect, if it has one.
  • You will no longer get an error if the handler for saving lastAction fails to find the action in the subject's actions.


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May 31, 2021

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