Version 1.0: Equipment Live!

Version 1.0-beta

  • Equipment is in! Party Picker updated with a page for equipment and a corresponding GUI. Make sure to grab the new and updated CSS files so they display properly.
  • New widget: equipmentlist.
  • New function unequipAll added to Actor class.
  • Items now consume 2 Energy when used.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to add extra characters to your party through the party picker.
  • actionlist updated to display passive abilities when out of battle.
  • HP regeneration implemented. Puppets and enemies will both regain a percentage of their max HP based on their HPregen attribute at the start of their turns. You can play with this by equipping the "Color of Growth" item.
  • Effect descriptions are no longer bolded, and effect names are no longer underlined.
  • Updated documentation for new features.
  • Updated changelong to display in reverse chronological order.

The engine is still in beta, so please keep testing and tell me of any bugs or issues you encounter!

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