Version 1.03

Version 1.03

  • The handling for the $subject, $target, and $actor variables has been redone to be more intuitive and allow for easier tracking of the original objects. Thanks to Discord member Akjosch for help and directions. See documentation for details.
  • Enemy cooldown logic is now more intuitive: They will be able to use attacks when the cooldown is zero, rather than requiring the cooldown to be negative. This means that the value you give to a cooldown will now be equal to the number of turns before it can be used again.
  • Fixed a bug with status effects that had entangled tolerance values (such as Curse and Forsaken). Tolerances should now be reduced and reset correctly.
  • Puppets are now revived as part of refreshPuppets.
  • Dispel targeting will now correctly check against the threshold value when targeting a martyr.
  • Additionally, Martyr, Defender, and Berserker will no longer count towards the threshold check.
  • Protector should now be correctly removed if the protected character dies, but I have not tested this. Please report any problems you encounter.


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Jul 18, 2019

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