Version 1.04

Version 1.04

  • Retweaked the handling for subjects and targets again. They now get the ID value from the current subject/target object itself instead of storing it as a separate variable, which removes the need to call getActor() manually.
  • The battle passages have been tweaked to support additional modularity. Code for altering the actor list in special cases is now outsourced to another passage that can be edited separately from the main display code; the "Preparation" passage now calls to a separate passage for custom modifications; the Effect Adder outsources protection checks to a separate passage; and you can now set which status screens display in StoryInit.
  • Targeting AI now includes handlers for bypassing untargetable and protection clauses. Simply pass "ignore untargetable" or "ignore protection" as arguments to the widget, and those characters will be made viable targets.
  • Spread attacks now bypass untargetability, as in Bonfire.
  • The effect adder should now correctly identify when it's passed a number for effect power.
  • The battle controller now checks if an item was used during the round, if that's something you want enemies to react to.
  • SacrificeUsed is now a property of the battle controller, for consistency.
  • The $power variable, used for constructing effects, has been changed to use a temporary variable instead.
  • victorycheck is now run in the enemy phase. This accounts for the rare case where the player is defeated through damage over time; previously, victorycheck was only run during the player's turn, so the enemy turn would still play out even if everyone was already defeated.
  • Minor tweak, but it really bugged me: boss names are no longer misaligned with their HP display in the boss box. The display is still misaligned relative to the whole box because the status button still throws off the centering, but this is less noticeable.


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