Version 1.05

Version 1.05

  • The engine now comes bundled with Chapel's custom macros.
  • Relatedly, the battle interface now displays health bars! If you prefer the old look, you can set $SHOW_HEALTHBARS to false.
  • Created an interface for an item shop! It's a little rudementary at the moment, but it is functional.
  • Restructured the version updating and save config code. It should hopefully work correctly now.
  • The HP display will now be hidden if you flag an enemy's maskhp attribute. Additionally, the healing attribute has been renamed to showMaxHP for clarity.
  • Added additional modularity in damagecalc: The damage formula definition is now a separate passage, as are handlers for actions with special behavior, such as Exacerbate and Downfall.


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Jul 27, 2019

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