Version 1.06: Hotkeys!

Version 1.06

  • Hotkeys are in! Use the number keys to select characters, the Q key to confirm, and the E key to cancel.
  • The story title area now displays white text as part of the default formatting style, making it easier to read with the dark UI bar. If you want to lighten the UI bar, such as with the normal Bleached style, you will probably want to change this.
  • Displaying the confirm phase is now optional. This can be toggled in the Settings menu.
  • Difficulty settings also moved to the Settings menu.
  • Piercing attacks now set effective defense to 1 instead of 0 if the $formula variable reads "divisive". This avoids a division by zero error in a divisive defense formula.
  • Special death handling no longer adds a special death passage to the queue if it is already in the queue; this should prevent the player being forced to see the special death passage multiple times if the enemy is killed through a multi-hit attack or other circumstance that triggers deathcheck multiple times.
  • Fixed the enemy Martyr bug: If an enemy martyr exists, you still have to select them in the targeting phase, but they will be the only viable target. (Additionally, this means you can no longer bypass Martyr with skills that target all characters -- you can still target allies, but the martyr will be the only possible enemy target.)
  • Martyr now overrides untargetable protection for enemies, as it does for player characters.
  • You can now select protected enemies as targets, though their protector will still cover them. This encourages players to pay attention to who's protecting whom!
  • Protector now displays the name of the protector's charge in the info box.


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Aug 04, 2019

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