Version 1.06.2

Version 1.06.2

  • New circumstantial modifiers for enemies:
    • hidden: If you flag this attribute, the enemy won't get a stat block generated in actorlist, making it invisible to the player. Note that this means there is no way to target it, either. Hidden enemies are not excluded from the victory condition check, so if you use this, you should make a special victory condition or give the player some way to damage the enemy.
    • immortal: If you flag this attribute, the enemy will not die when they are killed. They'll still produce a death message, but their "dead" flag will not be flipped to true. This is useful if you want to replicate a feature like the final battle of EarthBound, where the enemy cannot be defeated through normal means.
    • fakedeath: If you flag this attribute, the enemy will not take an action during their turn (even to say they are stunned), as if they were defeated. Effect decay will still occur as normal, however. This is useful if you want certain enemies to "play dead" or just if you want them to skip turns.
  • Defeated enemies will now produce no death message if you set their deathMessage attribute to null.
  • The removeEffect function now has a shortcut for removing a specific type of effect. If you pass it a string rather than an effect object, it will remove the first effect whose name matches the string. Note that this only removes the first instance it finds, so it won't clear multiple instances of stackable effects.
  • You can now use actions to move the player to a new passage by setting the passagejump attribute to true and setting the phase attribute to the name of the desired passage. This is useful if you want to incorporate passage mechanics into your battles, such as allowing characters to interact with the objects in a room to produce changes to the battle.


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