Version 1.06.3

Version 1.06.3

  • Fixed the party selection glitch. You can no longer add an extra puppet to the active party by double-clicking on an active puppet.
  • Changed the party selection screen to display the reserve in the main pane instead of the sidebar.
  • Respawn mechanics added. If you give a character a respawn value at creation, it will be decremented every round. When it hits 0, the character will be revived in endofround. By default, characters are revived to full HP, but this can be changed.
  • endofbattle now has a modular component. The calls to refreshPuppets and restock have been moved there to more easily remove them if they are undesired.
  • newturn now has a modular component. The code for Energy regeneration has been moved there to more easily enable switching to a different type of resource system.
  • Passage jump actions now work correctly.
  • Tweaked the actor blocks slightly. Their borders are now twice as thick; only the borders are highlighted upon selection; and the selection color is now a darker blue. This will hopefully result in selection looking less garish, especially in dark-themed passages.
  • Action phase modularity is now more robust; the components will now be hidden both in the case that the value is null and in the case that the value is a function that evaluates to null.
  • The checks for Protector and Martyr in the targeting logic have been compartmentalized into their own widgets.
  • Added documentation on delayed attacks.


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Aug 31, 2019

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