Version 0.61

Version 0.61-beta

  • The buff/debuff formula has been modified to adjust for the reduced influence of stats with the new damage formula. The base is now 30 (up from 20) and the damper has been reduced to 0.75 (from 0.5). Actions and items have had their weights tweaked to preserve balance.
  • Fixed a few text glitches in Nicole's area.
  • Berserker and Defender energy costs reduced to 0.
  • Lifegiver now transfers 250 HP (up from 100).
  • Indignant Variati now inflicts Winded even if the user has Chi Shield.
  • Poison Prick attack weight down to 0.5 (from 0.6).
  • Frenzy now boosts Attack by 40 at default values (up from 20). Keep in mind this increases the Defense penalty too!

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