Version 0.72

Lots of changes in this one.

So, it turns out I was doing save game updating completely wrong this whole time. Whoops! I have redone the code to hopefully work for future versions, and any past saves you load should hopefully be updated to the correct version now.

It is probably a better idea to just restart given how many changes needed to be made, but if you want to update an old save, there is one caveat: if you have unlocked any style items from the superbosses, EQUIP THEM TO A PUPPET before updating, as the save update will reset the inventory and remove them.

Other changes:

  • Standard deviation of stats doubled. The baseline is still 30, but stats now deviate from it in increments of 20 rather than 10. So for instance, Rogue now has a distribution of 10/30/50. I felt this was necessary with the increased damage constant; a 10-point difference just no longer matters anymore. Several enemies have had their stats adjusted as well. (Stat totals remain the same.)
  • Item economy has been rebalanced: You can now exchange items and customize your loadout before battles, but your total stock of items is much lower. By default, you now get only 1 of each status cure and stat booster, and no bombs at all. This was done because I observed the default loadout contained waaay too many items and made battles too easy.
  • Throwing Knife attack weight up to 1.4 (from 1.25); Grenade attack weight up to 1.6 (from 1.5).
  • Rose is slightly tweaked: Cooldown of Supernova increased to 4 turns; weight of Meteor Strike and Starlight Flurry reduced by 0.05; Crescendo weight increased by 0.1.
  • Fixed Mega Mabel's abilities; an improperly formatted string was preventing them from doing anything.
  • The defeated character is now removed correctly in the Big Dipper and Mega Mabel transition scenes.
  • Frenzy now works correctly, and is correctly flagged as a stat mod.
  • Fixed a text glitch in some of Cleric's abilities.
  • A message is now displayed if an effect fails to apply due to Stasis.

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