Version 0.80: Gravity Falls superboss!

Version 0.80

  • NEW CONTENT! Fight Bill Cipher, a nightmare demon who seeks to twist all of Gravity Falls to his will. He will bend reality itself around you, drowning you in ailments to confuse and entrap you.
  • Updated to engine version 1.06.2. The significant feature here is the ability to access the party menu through the [W] key. Please tell me if this results in any problems for you.
  • Fixed an error with Darwin using Protector.
  • Frenzy now has a power of 40 at default stats.
  • Assault weight up to 1.5 (previously 1.4).

Balancing Bill was pretty tricky, as his difficulty is more qualitative than quantitative. He is balanced assuming you have someone with ailment healing abilities (such as Witch or Mage), and I'm not sure how feasible it is to beat him without them. Please tell me of any issues you encounter.

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