Version 0.90: Adventure Time superboss!

Version 0.90

  • NEW CONTENT! Fight Marceline the Vampire Queen, Princess Bubblegum's terrifying ex-girlfriend! Half-demon, half-human, and all vampire, she's a highly unusual foe that will force you to think outside the box to overcome her menagerie of powers. To fight her, you will need to have beaten Princess Bubblegum already.
  • Updated to engine version 1.06.3.
  • Reduced the amount of Anti-Mineral Water available during the battle with Bill. You now get 3 if you have only one healer, 4 if you have none, and 2 otherwise.
  • Added links to the discussion pages on Archive of Our Own and Reddit in the story menu.
  • Reduced the size of the version update message, to reduce the chance of it spanning multiple lines.

Rogue is supposed to have their own solution to the Marceline battle, but my only concept for it was essentially a regular Twine game, and it turns out I'm no good at making those! I might return to it when I'm more experienced, but for now, there's no Rogue route.

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